This Is How To Stay Motivated And Break Bad Habits

How to stay motivated and break bad habits

This is how to stay motivated and break bad habits!

Still trying to crank out that last minute assignment that you couldn’t bring yourself to work on in the weeks you had to do it?

5:00 am alarm sounding for that early morning exercise but you keep hitting snooze?

Whatever it may be, sometimes its just hard to stay motivated on the things you are supposed to do, or even on the goals you set for yourself. Even now, as you read on how to stay motivated you might be putting off something (caught you!). So what can we do to fight this and stay on top of our responsibilities?

There are a few tips and tricks out there to keep you on track when the going gets tough, but we will focus on how to set yourself up for success before you even begin.

This way you can stay motivated and break bad habits!

Productive Work Area

In these tips you are going to notice that a important factor is consistency. What a better place to start then the area where your tasks get done? Find a place without (or get rid of them!) distractions.

  • Make sure it is clean; you don’t want to reach for a important paper and spill a cup of water to ruin all the work you did.
  • Keep it quiet; loud lyrical music or other people’s conversations can throw you off your train of thought and into a random Jane’s bad day.
  • Have enough work space; if you are going to use a laptop and a notebook make sure to have space for both. Constantly shuffling around or awkwardly using one or the other is inefficient and just might test your patience.
  • Free it of distractions; if using the web keep all unrelated tabs closed. Unless you need it, put your phone away. But if you do use it have the notifications off.

If you cant seem to find a work area in your home. Try a coffee shop, library or even a work space which is a place specifically made to have people go to and and get things done in peace.

Simply search online for a workspace near you.


While having loud rock music or distracting lyrics can mentally alienate you, there are certain types of music that may help you stay on your A-game.

This is why music can help you stay motivated and break bad habits.

The beauty of music is in its diversification and its different applications because of this.

Heart racing? In a bad mood? Sounds of nature just might settle you down.

The quiet and natural ambient music is worth a try if what you need to do is relax.

Need to speed up your work? Try classical music, it has a nice tempo and has been used by many while working.

Find whatever works for you and try to stick to that, it will help get you ready when you associate a type of music to being productive.

Set Goals

You may find that when doing a herculean task having so much space between you and the endgame can be very daunting. You might quit along the way if you choose to stick with that idea of the start and end points.

Set some goals to give yourself something to work towards bit by bit.

Want to lose 20 pounds? How about breaking it up and doing 5 pounds at a time, or first focus on cleaning up your diet or getting onto a consistent workout routine.

Take some time to write down these goals and check them off when you accomplish them.

Every time you reach a goal remind yourself you are that much closer to where you want to be but also you are better off then where you started.

Manage your time

Time management is a big key to motivated and break bad habits you may have.

If you have too much time you may want to keep putting off your work for later in favor of doing something else.

Designate a time in the day where you will work. Be strict, if you choose to do things at 3:00 PM then be ready in your work area by 2:59. Try to have the same time everyday.

If you are drowning in a busy schedule and obligations and feel like you just don’t have time to be productive on your assignments. Make the time. If you need to wake a few hours earlier, go to sleep later, or maybe work during your lunch then do just that.

Managing your time and sticking to it is hard. It all boils down to how badly you want it.

If you tell yourself you want to be in better shape or even read more everyday but push it off. Then you do not want it enough. It takes sacrifice and if you aren’t willing to do it when the time calls then more likely then not, you are not going to succeed.

Find A Routine

As I mentioned before, be consistent! Put all the tips together and you will find a very uniform method of working.

Based on the above advice, here is a example of what it would look like:

  • You wake up at 5 AM.
  • You go down to Starbucks by 5:30.
  • Put your headphones in and tune into the station you chose would be best for you.
  • You look at your goals and cross of any you have accomplished and look to the next one that is attainable.
  • Work until 7:00 AM because you decided you wanted that to be your allocated time.

Follow your schedule as much as you can. Doing things you are not used to is very difficult at first. Until you get used to it. Look at something you do that you find easy. Driving, reading, your day job. Just look at something you do without much if any hassle and you might just realize that you do it a certain way each time. It may not be exactly the same but there is a pattern. Maybe you like your hands on the steering wheel a certain way or you like reading at night before bed.

Set yourself up for success by finding what works for you. Once you find it just keep doing it.

Hopefully these suggestions will keep you going to where you want to be. But remember that any amount of advice or tips is useless until you put them to work. The most important part of the equation is you!