Is working out at home effective? 3 BIG Reasons Why It is.

is working out at home effective

You can work out in any space. Traditionally in a gym, at a park, or even just at home. With the environment so different from a gym, is working out at home effective?

I’m going to break down the reasons why it does.

No Gym Same Gains

One of the main reasons people gripe about working out at home when they rather go to the gym is the idea that they will lose their progress.

Its very much possible to maintain performance while exercising at home as well as improving.

Working out at home really does work because of this.

While training, the key to improving is through progressive overload, continuously increasing your volume over time. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, mainly increases in reps or in the resistance against you.

In the gym usually you would go about this by just increasing the amount of weight you use. And of course you can accomplish this at home by using weighted and adjustable equipment like a pair of adjustable dumbbells.

How do you increase your workout volume at home if you have no equipment? You can increase the number of reps you do of each exercise. You can also perform different variations of exercises.

For example, maybe you can only do push ups while using your knees. As you improve and get stronger, you don’t need to use your knees anymore. Once you feel like you can go even further, you have other options such a elevating your legs on a chair or even doing something like clap push ups.

If you are able to constantly volume safely, you know the work you do is productive.

While it may not be as obvious as improving in a gym environment.

Making gains at home is very doable and can be accomplished just as easily.

Does working out at home really work? increasing volume


Sometimes finding the time to workout is hard. You have a busy schedule, jam packed with important things you need to prioritize. You don’t have time to go to the gym.

Working out at home really does work because it fits around your schedule, you don’t need to drive anywhere, you don’t need to get dressed in your nice gym clothes, or put together a gym bag.

When pressed for time all you need is 30 minutes to get a great workout in.

It can be as simple as finding enough space…. and that’s it!

Work out in the morning, at night or even on your lunch.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to fit in some hard work and sweat once you put in the effort.


Is working out at home effective?

How does this sound. You wake up not too early and not too late. You get some very comfy sweats, go to your living room with your cat prancing behind you.

No one to judge you, no waiting for machines. Just peace and whatever music you want to play, not in your headphones but out loud on a speaker.

Just you at peace. Beads of sweat on your brow, but at peace.

Working out at home lets you be comfortable. That’s not something to take lightly. Happiness and enjoy ability plays a big role in achieving a fitness goal and sticking to your schedule.

You can try out different exercises, practicing the form without worrying about how you look.

You can try out HIIT or even yoga, its your space so you can use it however you want!

Is working out at home effective: Conclusion

To answer the question. Yes, working out at home really works!

You don’t have to worry about losing gains or not making any. The way’s you make progress in the gym can be replicated at home.

Time will be on your side, as your exercises can be fit at any point in the day in condensed time.

You can feel comfortable and actually enjoy what you are doing, not just waiting to hit some milestone.

Working at home just works.