How To Reach Your Fitness Goals In 2021. 6 Easy Tips.

how to reach your fitness goals in 2021

Most people can’t accomplish their fitness goals! But here are some tips on how to reach your fitness goals in 2021.

In 2016, 13% of the worlds human population was considered obese, and of course a much bigger percentage was just overweight.

Thus it is very common that your everyday person has a certain amount of weight that they would like to lose.

I did as well, and I accomplished this goal but eventually gained it all back and then some, leaving me to have to work it off again. I learned plenty of valuable lessons from 2 different perspectives.

The first time I had all the time in the world to work with. Little responsibilities to my name.

The second time I was dealing with the new challenges of being a new and young father, working full time, and adjusting to the life of moving in with a different family i was still getting to know for the most part.

It was all very stressful and it took me a long time to adapt my techniques and strategies to my new life. About 2 years.

Many people struggle with health goals because of the little time they have to devote to them. I discovered this first hand and i want to share with you the lessons i learned.

  1. Beware of shortcuts! Be patient!

I learned this one the hard way, I was disheartened every time I struggled to make progress after motivating myself and getting pumped to make a change. And I point to this issue as one of the big reasons I took so long to get back into shape, I tried to take shortcuts to reach my goals.

A quick list of fads i tried:

  • Keto
  • interment fasting
  • very low calories (not ok)
  • fasted cardio
  • HIIT cardio

While almost all of the above have good benefits and can lead to great results if adhered to correctly. My problem was, I didn’t.

These techniques were trendy and I thought they would lead to quick results, that is what I expected and after not getting that
I was discouraged and quit.

What gets results is working hard and being honest with yourself and the things you do. If you take shortcuts the only thing you are cheating is yourself. Be patient and tackle one day at a time, you wont lose 10 pounds overnight or in a week. If it was a quick and easy challenge, you would see most people in amazing shape. But its not, and you do not.

In a year from now you will not be upset that your fitness journey took you 6 months instead of 1 to see incredible results.

When you are trying to figure out how to reach your fitness goals in 2021.



2. Strive to change your lifestyle. Not just hit a goal.

Too many people focus on the end results when exercising. They don’t let themselves enjoy the process.

I myself became infatuated with hitting my goals that I didn’t take time to celebrate the smaller milestones.

If you don’t truly enjoy what you are doing, then you most likely will not stick to it. After i dropped 25 pounds on my first time, i soon gained it back. I didn’t focus on changing my habits and thinking, so when my schedule got too busy and stressful, i couldn’t react quite quick enough to maintain healthy living.

Just like exercise, be consistent and work on doings things right!

3. Everyone knows the basics of living healthy, but look for other answers.

As I explained already, avoid shortcuts. let me add on to this my emphasizing that most of the time you already know the right way to hit your goal.

There are some things that are confusing with new participants to the fitness world. Program design, nutrition, exercise science etc.

There is no denying that most people know the basics of what they have to do. Eat healthy, drink enough water, get some exercise.

This alone goes a very long way.

I, like many, did not want to put in the work it was going to take or make the necessary sacrifices. I knew what I had to do clear as day. But because i did not do it right i was always looking for a “better” and quicker way.

Want to lose weight? The answers are right in front of you, just open your eyes and accept what you have to do.

Eat less then calories then is needed to maintain your current weight.

Eat healthy.


Make sure to stay hydrated.

Most everyone knows of these basics. Not many choose to implement them because of how tedious they are and because of the dedication that will be required.

Reality check, the basics are going to carry you the whole way and make the foundation for your success.

4. Don’t be too harsh on yourself

Accept that you will make mistakes.

Let yourself have a break every once in awhile.

If you don’t allow yourself to make mistakes and instead berate yourself every time they happen, you will have a very sad journey instead of the happy one it should be. You wont grow with the hiccups, you will start to resent the next phase and the hurdles they bring.

Make a very conscious effort to ask yourself what could be improved instead of spending so much time thinking about what you did wrong.

Thinking, complaining and feeling sad about these mistakes will do nothing to help you improve if there is no constructive criticism to accompany these feelings.

Stay positive. Its going to be hard, but you are human and will grow to be stronger with every issue that tries to block your way.

5. Continue to educate yourself

Part of the learning process is …. learning.

I realized this lesson after discovering that if I want to pursue my health goals, i need to take everything as a learning experience. To make the right choices, I would need to learn what exactly those choices are.

Luckily, we live in an age where we have all the knowledge in the world available to us at our fingertips. If you have a question or concern, try to find the answer for yourself or reach out to a fitness professional who you feel confident in.

With more knowledge you can find the difference between real study based fitness ideas and ones that someone’s uncle once told them while drunk. Becoming less susceptible to false claims will save you a lot of time that might have been used on inefficient strategies.

6. Love yourself

The last key item for how to reach your fitness goals in 2021 can be used in all aspects of day to fay life.

No matter if you lose 50 pounds, get shredded, or bulk up, you should learn to appreciate yourself for what and who you are.

Loving yourself doesn’t give you an excuse to give up.

You should, however, seek to improve in the areas you feel passionate about.

Don’t fall in the dangerous trap of wanting to change because you hate something about yourself, or you may never feel happy no matter what goal you reach, no matter how extreme.

Again, appreciate yourself for all your good qualities. Do not compare yourself to others who you feel are better than you. Be the best version of yourself you can be everyday.

Love yourself, and you will be more likely to hit your goal. Hate yourself, and your goal might just keep moving up and up with every progress made.

Hopefully this information helped your figure out how to reach your fitness goals in 2021.