Tips on how to lose weight without exercise. Easier then you think.

how to lose weight without exercise

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Losing weight comes down to more than just sweating, huffing and puffing. There are a lot of factors that go into weight loss. In fact working out doesn’t even need to be part of the equation. Use these tips to find out how to lose weight without exercise.

Counting Calories

Eating healthy and moving more goes a long way for you to reach a weight loss goal. But a lot people will miss a vital step and derail all of the effort they put in.

That step is finding how many calories you should be eating.

Calorie Calculator

First, you are going to want to use a calorie calculator such as this one.

This calculator will give you a good estimate of how many calories you should be eating. Look at the “maintain weight” number.

Creating a deficit

If you want to figure out how to lose weight without exercise, you need to be able to create a calorie deficit.

Lets say just for example, you need eat 2000 calories a day to stay at the weight you are currently at. If you were to subtract 500 calories from that level every day, that would put you in a total deficit of 3500 calories for the week and a loss of about a pound in weight!

Slow down, i know what you’re probably thinking is that if you can go as low as possible, then you can lose a ton of weight per week.

On paper it does sound as easy as that.

But if you go too low, you will lose a lot of daily nutritional needs for basic functions. Your days will be very hard and the whole process is gonna be terrible for you. Your health will take a big hit too. Please don’t go that route.

So if you can’t just eat 0 calories a day. How else can you make a bigger calorie deficit.

We’re going to over two ways you can safety. Your diet and exercise

how to lose weight without exercise

Your Diet

Like the old saying goes “Abs are made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen”.

You can go to the gym and work hard, but if you eat garbage all day you are going to be light years behind the person next to you that not only has their workout routine solid, but their eating habits as well.

So yeah, eating healthy is VERY important.

Now how do we create a bigger calorie deficit with food choices?

1. Eating more protein.

Protein has several beneficial properties for weight loss; it helps you maintain muscle. It keeps you feeling fuller longer. Protein also takes significantly more energy to digest then carbs or fats.

That extra energy can mean an extra 100 – 200 calories burned everyday.

It may not seem like much, but over a longer period it quickly adds up. You need every edge to get a faster way to fat loss.

how to lose weight without exercise

2. Eating whole foods

Remember that not all calories are the same. 100 calories from candy and 100 calories from a banana are going to leave you feeling completely different. The banana is going to fill you up better and leave you with longer lasting energy.

Like protein, it also takes more energy to digest the banana.

It’s important to avoid processed foods because on a lower calorie diet, you aren’t going to get your moneys worth.

Stick to whole foods, and the experience is going to be more enjoyable and you will be more likely to stick to the plan.

3. Drink more water

Like the whole foods and protein, water is going to help you feel fuller.

Drinking more water is also going to help you get rid of …….. water weight.

In the short term you can see a significant amount of weight come off from water weight alone.

Losing water weight in the beginning may not seem like the most important thing to focus on, but seeing that quick drop on the scale is a great motivator for you to continue to lose that more permanent weight from fat from your body.

Rule of thumb, if your pee isn’t a light color or clear, drink more water.

If you still find it hard consider getting a smart water bottle that keeps track for you.

Using Exercise To Spend Energy

So lets say the person who is on a 2000 calorie diet is choosing to eat 1500 calories.

Lets also say they’ve cleaned up their diet and that it helps them lose an extra 200 calories.

Now they are losing 700 calories a day, 4900 a week and about 1 pound and a half.

But, we want more.

So get moving!

Add some cardio and some resistance training into your routine.

Cardio can be as simple as a brisk walk or even a mile run. Resistance training can be body weight exercises or even a working out with a set of dumbbells will easily get the job done.

A jump rope is a very convenient and portable option!

The average person who chooses to run a mile and workout can expect to lose around 100- 300 calories per session.

That is now potentially 1000 calories down every single day! Without absolutely starving yourself! 2 pounds a week!

Hows that for a faster way to fat loss!

Combine this with the water weight you might have on your body and you could lose 2 – 5 pounds in your first week!

Tracking Progress

Once you have your base plan laid out, the next step is to track your progress so you can make any adjustments when you feel the need to do so.

Not losing enough weight? Increase your activity level or eat less.

Losing too much too fast? You can afford to eat more or move less.

Make sure you track your goal and the methods you use to get there.

For example: Your weight, how much you eat, and how much you exercise.

Now you don’t have to bring out a notebook to jot down numbers every time you do something. There are very convenient apps that make the whole process very easy, i would recommenced MyfitnessPal.

The best way to stay motivated and know you are going in the right direction is by seeing the results in front of you.

Staying Disciplined

Finally, you want to know the key to how to lose weight without exercise? The faster way to fat loss?

You need to be disciplined. Create your plan, look it over twice. After that all you have to do is……


You are the weight you are at because you are comfortable eating a certain way. Adapting to new habits will be difficult, if you mess up one day, it can derail a weeks progress.

It does sound a little scary.

But don’t be a person who complains about trying everything with no results. You must stay consistent to reap the rewards of your effort.

Be reasonable with your expectations and stern with yourself about how you carry it out. One you have a plan,

Don’t think. Just Do.

Once you get through the initial difficult phase, it is smooth sailing as you become accustomed to your new eating habits.

Faster Way To Fat Loss: Conclusion

Losing weight quickly, specifically losing 5 pounds fast is easily accomplished if you stay consistent and follow the black and white guidelines.

Create a reasonably sized daily calorie deficit.

Make better food choices.

Keep your body moving more.

Track all the progress you make so you know you are on the right track.

Lastly, I cannot stress this enough. Follow through and don’t corner!

Although you are looking how to lose weight without exercise in a faster way, you don’t want a faster way to gain it all back too!

Thanks for reading. Check out the blog page for other interesting articles!