How To Lose Weight Faster. 5 Things To Focus On

how to lose weight faster

Weight loss is one of the most troublesome areas of getting healthy. Not only is it difficult to understand and then implement, but it also take patience and time. To make things a little quicker, here is how to lose weight faster in 5 easy to follow tips.

1. Diet

You can spend hours in the gym, go for a jog every morning etc. Once you get home, the real work starts in the kitchen. Eat too much, and you are going to gain weight.

Find a calorie calculator online such as this one.

Once you find the calorie goal you want to hit, commit to it and you’ll soon see results happen.

If you want to make it easy for yourself to eat less calories, stick to whole foods, fruits, and vegetables.

They typically have less calories per large serving size, thus they will help you feel fuller longer.

Note: It is good to know that 1 gram of protein contains 4 calories, one gram of carbohydrates contains 4 as well. 9 calories are in a gram on fat. To make the counting easier, invest in a good food scale.

2. Exercise

I know i already said that your diet is going to help you make real gains, but your activity level will give you the boost to put you over the top. and really help you figure out how to lose weight faster.

Using the calculator i previously mentioned, we can find that a 21 year old male who is 5’6 and weights 160 has different calorie needs depending on everyday lifestyle.

If he is sedentary most of his day he needs to eat 2010 calories to maintain his current weight.

If he exercises 5 times a week his caloric need bumps all the way to 2450.

By adding exercises, you get little extra edge in weight loss, and top of that you can improve your physical abilities depending on how you train.

3. Consistency

Did you know that it takes burning 3500 calories to burn 1 pound? That’s 500 calories below your caloric maintenance level everyday for a week.

Point is, it takes patience to lose weight. You did not gain it overnight even though it might seem like it. Keep consistent with your game plan, even if some days you make a mistake, its about the long view. Keep mistakes in check, but if they do happen don’t let them derail you.

If you work hard and still only go 100 calories below each day, that’s still 10 pounds in a year. Now imagine if you can stick to your plan?

4, Know Your Goal and be realistic

There is a big problem in the generic fitness industry, short term solutions are constantly being sold to the public. Whether it is “Do this one trick to lose 10 Pounds in a week!” or “Diet pill to make losing weight easy!”.

Dreams don’t just fall in your hands. Work needs to be done, and you will appreciate the end result even more so when you are done.

Instead of aiming for 20 lost this month, aim for 5 – 10, and realize it will be easier on your body and you will be more likely to keep it off with all the good habits you gained.

Be inspired to do big things, that’s OK. Just be realistic about the timeline. You’ll get their eventually, and congratulations when you do. I’m proud of you!

tip: Get a goal journal to express your wishes!

5. Get a trainer?

Maybe all you need is accountability. Someone that is going to make sure to you get moving everyday.

Consider getting a personal trainer, its their job to do just that.

All you need to do in put in the work. The trainer is going to make sure that you are working out efficiently and safely. It might even feel nice to have somebody to talk to, and will give you a boost of confidence knowing that you don’t look silly and that what you are doing is going to help make change in you.