Exercises For Kids And Parents At Home. 7 Great Options.

exercises for kids and parents at home

Exercises for kids and parents at home.

We love them. They Love us. Sometimes they drive us crazy and sometimes we return the favor.


According to cdc.gov, 1 in 5 children between 6 and 19 years of age are considered obese.

It is never is too early to teach our children the importance of being healthy, and instilling these values now will hopefully result into a healthier life for them overall.

In your journey for better health you should consider including them. As they say lead by example, so why not lead our kids towards better health as well?

Here are 7 exercises for kids and parents at home!

Jogging or walking

The first in the list of exercises for kids and parents at home is a easy one.

Take your loved ones with you on a nice refreshing walk around the town.

Walking is a great way to burn some extra calories while also enjoying a relaxing pace that allows you to talk and bond.

Point out the birds, discuss how school is going, just enjoy the time you have together.

If you feel like kicking it up a notch then go jogging. If your child is lagging behind, make sure to keep a pace that is more comfortable for them.

Play a Sport

Is their a sport you love watching together? One that sees you all on the couch the second it comes on t.v?

Maybe you had or have a sport you loved playing, or your kid has one now?

Go outside and practice together, play a game and bring out that competitive spirit!

Try to find something you both can feel passionate about and then you wont need to worry about someone slacking off and not putting in enough energy.


Did you know that swimming is a total body workout? Great for cardio? How about the fact that it is low impact, thus easy on your joints?

The amount of health benefits involved with swimming is plentiful. The amount of fun you can have is just as bountiful.

Go to the local pool, lake, beach or gym. Choose one or try them all. You will find that they are all are very different and will result in memorable experiences


It might be a little harder to convince your older children to do this one, but the little ones will love it and you will too!

Get silly! Shake it out! Have fun and don’t worry about how you look!

Sometimes as adults, we take life way to seriously and worry about way to many things. Let your kid lead this time and simply follow suit with what ever shakes, jumps or wiggles they decide to do.


This one is easy enough with children who can follow your instructions to maintain poses.

If you have a baby, however, then it can be very difficult to do that.

Exercising after having a baby is a common difficulty for new moms. Luckily there is a amazing bonding opportunity that you and your little bundle of joy can enjoy. Its called mommy and me yoga, and you can probably find one near you.

Don’t hesitate if this sounds like something you want to try! You probably wont need much more than a yoga mat for you and one for your baby. Call or visit your nearby yoga class and ask them as many questions as you have.


No, not video games. We are talking about the kind we all remember participating in on the playground. Hop scotch, tag, jump rope, foursquare etc. Pick ones that get the heart pumping.

You might want to gather up some friends to really get the most out of the activity.

You can teach them some games or have them teach you. The point is to get them out doing something they enjoy that will keep them active.

Your regular routine

Working out with the ones you love doesn’t always mean you need to do a different workout then the one you already love to do.

If you have kids that are able to keep up with you, just have them do what you do.

What about if your kid is a lot younger or cant keep up?

You have a few options.

  • Have them do the same workouts but keep their intensity lower. Knowing exercise movements at the very least is a great development.
  • Do modified easier versions of your typical workout, do incline push ups instead of regular ones for example.
  • If you really wanted to increase the difficulty even with your child, use them as the weights! Have them sit on your back for push ups, hang from your legs or waist for pull ups, or maybe even sit on the bar for bench press?

As a Parent I know how important it is to always make time for bonding and learning experiences. Show them how to stay healthy, be their role model, encourage them.

Hopefully this list of exercises for kids and and parents at home was able to help.

You can try some of these methods, or even all of them!

What are ways you use to keep your kids moving?

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