Easy Exercises for Beginners To Lose Weight You Should Be Doing.

3 basic exercises for beginners

3 easy exercises for beginners to lose weight you should add to your routine. 

Busy day? Running late? No ride to the gym? Maybe you dont want to pay for the gym?

No matter the issue, you have found your self crunched for time or without the proper area to do the workout you imagined.

Skipping on workouts for your weight loss goals is a bad idea. Not only can working out help improve your body composition, but losing weight strictly through diet can leave you in a state commonly referred to as skinny fat.

Don’t worry! We were given our best workout tool from birth; our bodies.

Beyond the exercise and diet fads there are the basics. Sometimes we don’t appreciate them and try to make things to complicated.

When you are busy, maybe complicated is not what you are looking for.

Here is a narrowed down list of 3 easy exercises for beginners to lose weight that should not be over looked by someone looking to get into shape. Sometimes you want to get cute with the the whole idea of working out, but it’s best to master the basics.

easy exercises for beginners to lose weight


The classic exercise used and respected in almost every area of working out.

And for good reason.

You don’t need much space, just lie down on your stomach and have your legs straight out to your sides. If you can fit then you can do a push up.

Push ups work several muscles groups, they go as follows:



Pectorals major and minor


To do a push up, start in a high plank position. Have your arms directly under your shoulders. Maintain a straight back and lower yourself until your arms bend at a right angle.

A common mistake to avoid; most beginners don’t have correct arm placement. When coming down your arms should be close to your body, imagine a 45 degree angle.

If you want to add some resistance, adding a workout band is a easy solution.

Not having correct arm placement can lead to shoulder injury!

As with other body weight exercises the beauty comes from the flexibility in their variations.

For an easier starting point keep your knees on the floor when performing the movement until your feel prepared enough for the regular form. For more difficulty you can try wider stances, closer ones, and plenty more.


You don’t need weights or machines or other equipment to do a squat, body weight can be enough to get a workout in.
Squats primarily use the following muscles:



The exercise itself is simple enough. Your goal is to simply do a sitting motion as low as you can go, raise back up and repeat.

If you want to practice good form, follow the following cues for a good squat.

Keep your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart.

Keep your toes in line with your knees throughout the motion.

Maintain a straight back and keep your chest up.

Try your best to bring your hips below your knees as you squat down, if you can’t that’s ok! You may need to keep practicing and or work on your leg flexibility.

If that is not enough and you find a simple to squat to easy, try variations such as the jump squat!


If you are looking for a strong exercise for good looking abs, planks are a good answer and one of the most simplest exercises around.
All you have to do is get into push up position with your forearms supporting your weight.

After that?

Just hold it as long as you can!

If you are having trouble keeping a straight back while in a plank position, make sure to squeeze your glutes and tighten your abs.

Variations to make planks more difficult include exercises such as shoulder taps or low to high planks.

easy exercises for beginners to lose weight summary

You dont need equipment or special areas, if you feel the need to get quick burn in, you have your body and sometimes thats all you need.

Whether it be any of these 3 basic exercises for beginners, a combination of them, or any other that you might want to try. Do all 3 and you get a very good workout that works several muscle groups.

No more excuses!

Get out there and make yourself proud!