5 new healthy habits To Start in 2021. Easy to implement

5 new healthy habits to start in 2021

5 new healthy habits to start in 2021.

With the new year comes a wave of motivation.

A reason to give yourself a clean slate, to build upon and achieve some big goals.

But what to choose?

Lose weight? Eat healthy? Learn and try a popular diet?

There are a overwhelming amount of options you can side with.

Whatever you decide to roll with, here are a list of resolutions you can use to keep yourself successful in your health related resolutions.

If you choose to, you can apply it to many other goals as well.

A happy YOU starts with a healthy you.

1. Resolve to set milestones

It’s great to have a big goal. To aim for something that will leave you feeling accomplished after a long journey.

But that same journey might instead have you burnt out before you are finished.

To keep yourself motivated this year, aim to break down the bigger picture like a puzzle.

Every piece is important. Every step along the way holds the same weight.

If your goals is to say lose 20 pounds this year; aim to lose 5 pounds in the first month, 5 in the second and so forth until you glue each piece together and finish the beautiful picture.

The key here is to be reasonable in the small milestones so as not to discourage yourself my missing one.

Keep track of each step in a notebook and invest in some measuring equipment, like a scale, to stay on track.

2. Resolve to be patient and flexible

Resolving to drink a lot less this year but had a beer during the Christmas party?

Don’t quit and don’t beat yourself over a tiny hiccup. Keep focused and don’t let that mistake make more.

We are not perfect, accidents will happen.

The progress you want to make will likely not be made or lost in a day. If hurdles enter your path, do your best to leap over them.

If you fall?

Pick yourself up and keep going forward.

Its not about just being strong physically, you need to be strong mentally as well.

3. Resolve to stay motivated

Need help staying motivated this year?

You wont be alone.

The first month of the new year will usually bring packed gyms, workout videos, fridges stocked with veggies etc.

The second or third month?

Most people backtrack on their resolutions and lose interest after a already long road with even more ahead.


The big accomplishments aren’t given to you. They will not be easy to achieve either.

If one of those statements were true, everybody would be walking around with everything they ever wanted.

Take some time out of your day every once in a while to refocus your thoughts and goals to make sure you are on track to get where you want to be.

Write it down in a planner and stick to it!

4. Resolve to find a role model

You might feel lost even after you narrow down your targets, make a plan, and set out on accomplishing it.

Consider looking into someone else’s journey, someone who followed a similar path or met a goal that you want. If they have a biography, that is a good place to start.

You don’t need to exactly what it is that they did.

By looking at their lives you can gain advice, motivation and a nice visual understanding of what it means to reach your dream.

Take your time to find someone you feel you can relate to you and who would provide valuable information.

5. Resolve to be a role model

What are the best qualities of the person you chose to research?

What is the reason you chose them?

Think about that and ask yourself one more thing.

If you were somebody else, would you look at yourself and see somebody to follow?

If you want to improve yourself. Be honest and use the perspective of someone looking from the outside in. Don’t be afraid to get a real second opinion either!

Be honest about your own qualities, but not to the point of self-loathing.

Hopefully you will get something helpful out of these 5 new healthy habits to start in 2021.

Good luck!